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About us

About us

The factory for digital ventures.

The place

1648factory is a “Digital Native”, but physically docked in the old industrial port of the city of Münster. In 1648 Münster was the site of the “Peace of Westphalia”, which ended the Thirty Years’ War and developed a new world order.

The brand

1648 stands for departure, transformation, future. For the vision to move something forward with well thought-out concepts. We revolutionize the development of digital products by revolutionizing the power of networking.

From person to person, but also at the interfaces between people and technology. The inspiration for this is Andy Warhol's “factory” concept: the famous New York lofts, where he brought together “superstars” from different backgrounds to produce new ideas.

The factory

1648 consists of a core team and a network of top-class experts, entrepreneurs and talents from a wide range of fields. Retail, lifestyle, architecture, marketing, web design, conception – for many topics we have specialists directly in the neighbourhood. And a worldwide network of many other specialists who work with us.

The hub

The core is our Engineering Hub in Lviv in the Ukraine. We select the employees ourselves in our own interview center. Following the same philosophy that applies to our ventures: we invest in good people to achieve the best results.

Join us

Are you an entrepreneur, business analyst, venture builder, software specialist? Talk to us and become part of the factory. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about ideas and who are interested in an exciting environment.