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Engineering services


great software engineers
deliver a product better 
than 20 mediocre ones.

Engineering services

Engineering services

Expand your team or get a full engineering team


Expand your team

coding discussion


great software engineers
deliver a product better 
than 20 mediocre ones.

Engineering services

Ensure technological investments will pay off


Our Process

Julia Hanhues


great software engineers
deliver a product better 
than 20 mediocre ones.

Engineering services

Get the best team for your objectives


It's all about the team

Coding on macbook

Expand your team

or get a full engineering team.


Get the capacities you need.

We build digital products and companies. Together with our partners we develop a digital roadmap for a market-ready solution and support you accomplishing your roadmap. We serve start-ups and established enterprises.

Decide for yourself whether you want to integrate digital talents into your existing team or get an exclusively dedicated engineering hub.

Delivery models:

product manager

Product Managers

tech architect

Tech Architect

software engineer

Software Engineers

Data Scientists

Data Scientists

Data Architect

Data Architect

MODEL 1 Single Engineer Single engineers can be integrated into your existing team or full stack engineers who develop a first light version of a software as a one man show.
MODEL 2 Squad A well established and tailored software team that meets the required skills and develops your applications end-to-end.
MODEL 3 Hub Helping you to build up your own offshore engineering hub based on your needs and business objectives. from finding and selecting the right talents to all legal and financial matters.


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Software Engineering Services, Software Quality and Security Assurance, Advanced Analytics – 1648factory creates various possibilities for your digital future. When we have a clear picture of the product you want, we choose the proper technical blueprint for building your project. We prefer high reusability over the constant wheel reinvention. In such a way the development does not start at a zero and it creates a great cost-saving opportunity for you and faster time-to-market.

Our Process




Requirement identification

Our experts figure out how we can support you and your project best. Together with you we analyze the pre-existing team, the tech stack and your digital roadmap.


Planning and concept 

According to your ideas we conceptualize and adjust the perfectly fitting tech stack (we often have ready-to-go blueprints already available), your product roadmap and an up-to-date UI/UX concept.



An individually assembled team of (your and) our best talents gets the project to take off. Together with you our teams manage the development, quality, operations and security of the products.


Launch & Iterate

We analyze and adjust on a regular basis the success of the project.

It’s all about the team.

„Nine women can’t make a baby in one month.“

Fred Brooks

The 1648factory team assembly method

We bring together the capabilities needed to be productive, innovative, agile and fast. The assembly is based on three aspects:

Size: We size the teams as small as possible to avoid communication complexity
Relationships: Our teams know and complement each other
Quality: We select our team by cultural fit, technical skills and language

Communication complexity lowers productivity

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We provide top experts

We search and find digital talents with self-developed methods in our own interview center.

Best setting for the best talents

Good work is created, where people work with enthusiasm. We retain employees with an inspiring environment, good conditions, special benefits and long-term perspectives.

We are long distance runners

We don’t like “bugfixing projects”, but accompany projects from the first prototype to the launch and beyond.

Exploiting all potentials with Jonny Git

Jonny Git is our data solution for leaders and members of software development teams and provides behavioral insights from Git to improve your team collaboration and system stability.

What’s your goal?

Whatever you have in mind – with 1648factory you collaborate with a network of pioneers and talents, who have a desire for new ideas.

Let’s start. 

Building new digital solutions.