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Venture Accelerator


Building market leading companies


Creating big impact

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Leverage our expert network to build a scalable business!


Bring your own idea or build ours


Work with our experts to refine, build, and launch

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Providing strategic and operational support.


Accelerating time to market


 With speed and precision

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Proven process and a startup mentality for rapid validation and launch.

1648 Venture Accelerator

Do you have a business idea or a strong desire to learn entrepreneurship and business building? If so, our 1648 Accelerator is for you! 

We help highly committed individuals or teams turn their business ideas into scalable digital start-ups.

If you already have a concept that you have been thinking about or working on, great. Let’s talk about how we can accelerate your growth. 


If not, no worries. You can join us and work on business ideas developed by other creative entrepreneurs and leading industry experts from the 1648 ecosystem. 

Why join our Accelerator? 

Many reasons!

Deep expertise: Dedicated advisors coach you from day one through the scaling phase. We have deep expertise across several industries including financial services, media and advertising technology, retail, FMCG, public sector, real estate. Along the journey, serial entrepreneurs and our founder community support you when you need extra hands.


Low Risk: Invest your time and leverage our rigorous start-up building process which strives to de-risk your idea and get it ready for successful launch in your target market. 


End-to-end: We provide the inhouse resources required to accelerate the business idea –design, product development, engineering and infrastructure, growth hacking and a global partner network.

Access to capital: We invest in the most promising ideas and connect you with top investors for further funding. 


Remote work: It doesn’t matter if you work from Hawaii, Paris or London- we collaborate 100% digitally and remotely. Our team is located in multiple countries in Europe including Germany, Ukraine, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States.



Our Accelerator process

1- Ideation

Validate problem-solution fit! Conduct research and first interviews with potential users. 

2- Inception

Turn your idea into a validated start-up concept. Conduct mid-and high-fidelity prototyping and receive direct market feedback. 

3- Incubation & Launch

Build and launch the product in the market. Collect feedback, iterate, and repeat.

4- Scale

Validate product-market fit! Pivot your product solution as required. Scale and commercialize your start-up to speed up the growth.