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Venture building

Venture building

Build market leading companies


Creating big impact

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Create a positive impact on the world. The opportunity is greater than ever.

Venture building

Supporting founders from day one


Reason to believe

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Use a deep strategic operational support as a founder.

Venture building

Investing in exceptional people


Sebastina Otutuama

Start creating a big impact. And meet people, who have already founded startups themselves.

Start creating a big impact


We leverage proprietary processes to build market-leading companies from scratch. We put the whole infrastructure in place, whether it’s capital, engineering services, experts or mentors. It really helps you to de-risk.


We strive to select and bring together a diverse group of exceptional people from technologists to experienced business operators and serial entrepreneurs. 

Get funding

We then bring promising ventures to our own investment platform to accelerate further growth.

Reason to believe

Top-class experience from top-class environments

We see ourselves as enablers who can look back on many successful projects. In diverse industries, in various professional fields and in different leading positions.

Strategic excellence based on data excellence

In addition to customer experience and customer centricity, we primarily use data analysis as a basis for decisions. This includes the continuous optimization of processes and the use of the latest and most innovative technologies.

Market leading investment solutions

Venture funding can be an annoying process. Not with us. With aquaty we provide a solution for venture investments.

“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”

– Andy Warhol –

We evaluate ideas under widely differentiated aspects. At 1648factory you will meet people who love new ideas. We take a closer look and we know: Good ideas don’t appear from nowhere, they are hard work. And in the beginning, it’s often not very easy. 
Your idea could be the next one to be implemented. Talk to us and discover venture building with us.