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Venture Building

Build your next venture with us.

We support from day one.


Venture Building

Engineering Services

Secure success with cutting-edge solutions. 

Meet experts from the fields of technology and business.


Engineering Services

Building what matters. Together.  

Make business development inspiring again. We support end-to-end.


Meet experts from different industries and backgrounds.

We identify business ideas, build teams, provide engineering services and support you to scale your business. Our core team consists of business developers, entrepreneurs, digital natives and experienced C-levels. 

Engineering Services

Expand your team with digital experts.

Collaborate with our teams ground up to develop your product (software engineers, data specialists, product experts, UI/UX designer etc.). Hire single engineers and integrate them into your team or create your own nearshore hub of digital experts with us.  

Venture Building

You have a venture idea or you would love to find one? Use our expertise in venture building.

Find your product-market-fit and a sustainable business model. As a founder you will meet top-class experts and investors for your venture.

How it works.

A factory that works like a creative organism.



Idea factory

To realize great ideas, 1648factory brings together pioneers, professionals and performers from different fields and countries.

Just like in Andy Warhol’s legendary “factory”, the production facility where many revolutionary ideas were born. We are consultants, think tank, technology hub and creative agency in one. The “factory” spirit is the element that connects us all.

Business factory 

Benefit from a multidisciplinary network of experts who work with you to develop a business model that is ready for the market and financing.

What is your market size? What is the right pricing for your offering? What is your contribution margin? We challenge the numbers behind the idea. 

Execution factory 

The development of a business strategy is 10% and the execution is 90% of the effort.

We use cutting-edge and custom technologies to build and launch digital businesses. We work with test-driven development according to the “fail-fast-philosophy” in order to meet all the demands that practice places on your product.  

Make your company the best it can be.

Trust the right team.

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Let’s start. 

Building new digital solutions.